Wiltshire Car Storage

Wiltshire Car Storage

Are you going on holiday or an extended business trip and need to find a trustworthy Wiltshire car storage that will look after your motor while you are away? Look no further as Bramshaw Car Storage has more than 40 years of experience storing and maintaining vehicles of absolutely all types. To find out more about our prices, car storage overview and diverse aftercare services, give our friendly team a call any time on 01725 518 221.


Here at Bramshaw Car Storage, we are very passionate about vehicles of all kinds. Our team considers working at the top end Wiltshire car storage facility to be a true privilege. This is because each and every team member truly loves cars and therefore doesn’t see looking after them as being hard work. We are located on the edge of the New Forest near Fordingbridge.

Our goal is to provide the absolute finest car storage Wiltshire has ever seen. We believe that we are well on the way as you will be hard-pressed to find another company whose preparation, maintenance and aftercare services are anywhere near as thorough as ours. We don’t just want to meet your expectations as a customer – we want to exceed them each and every time.

From classic cars and rare marques to everyday city vehicles, our car storage welcomes all types. Prior to storing your vehicle in one of our bays, we will carry out an extremely thorough pre-storage process that consists of the following steps:

  • Wiltshire Car StoragePhotographs to Reflect the Vehicle’s Condition
  • Unique ID Tag
  • Thorough Washing Inside and Out
  • Covers Placed Over the Driver’s Seat, Steering Wheel and Floor
  • Fluid Levels and Battery Check
  • Tyre Pressure Check
  • 24-Hour Air Drying
  • Brake Check
  • Drip Tray Added to Monitor Any Potential Leakages
  • Connection to An Automatic Battery Conditioner
  • Soft Breathable Cover Placed Over the Vehicle
  • Regular Updates Provided For Your Full Peace of Mind

Reasons to choose Bramshaw Car Storage Wiltshire

Once your vehicle is ready to be stored at our car storage, we will place it into a generously sized loading bay. All of our specialist loading bays are located in a storage environment that is dehumidified, heated and monitored around the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each and every loading bay at our car storage in Wiltshire is inspected at least twice a day. Additionally, the battery status and aforementioned drip tray will be checked once a week. If your car will be with us for a longer period of time, then we will also check the pressures and fluids every 60 days.

During the above check, the experts at our car storage in Wiltshire will start the engine and run the vehicle up to temperature. You will be immediately notified if we should discover any issues regardless of how minor they may be. Our team will also offer you a step by step process that is most appropriate to remedy the problem effectively.

As you will surely be able to tell from all of the information above, no other car storage Wiltshire has available will be able to match the capabilities of Bramshaw Car Storage. Please feel free to reach out to us using one of the contact methods outlined below.

Contact our Wiltshire car storage today

If you have now been freed from any doubt that another Wiltshire car storage can compete with everything Bramshaw Car Storage brings to the table, then contact us today to get the ball rolling. We are always here to help so don’t hesitate to get in touch by either calling us on 01725 518 221, e-mailing sales@bramshawbv.com or filling out our simple online form with some details. We will respond to you very shortly to confirm your booking.