Luxury Car Storage

Do you have a classic car that you would like us to take care of for you? With more than 40 years of experience, Bramshaw Car Storage are the leading choice for those seeking luxury car storage. Whether you’re the proud owner of a 1964 Aston Martin DB5 or a 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 428 Cobra Jet, you’ll find our services to be most accommodating. To book your car into our vehicle storage, call our team today on 01725 518221.



luxury car storageThere is nothing quite like cruising around inside your own little piece of vintage history. You could spend thousands of pounds restoring a classic car to its former glory, so it’s only natural that you’d want to protect your investment. Here at Bramshaw Car Storage, we are as passionate about classic cars as you are. For us, luxury car storage isn’t a job; it’s a way of life. We are located on the edge of the New Forest near Fordingbridge.

From American muscle cars to the quaint British classics, we to go to impressive lengths to ensure that your cars are protected and maintained to the highest standards. To ensure that your vehicle is good-to-go when you come to pick it up, we provide a multi-step process as part of our classic car storage services.


Pre-storage Preparation

Here at Bramshaw Car Storage, we understand that it can be difficult to part ways with your pride and joy. You can rest assured that you are entrusting the safety of your vehicle to our highly trained and knowledgeable professionals. To get things started, we will take photographs of your car and assign it a unique ID. A work record will be created, and any keys will be tagged.

The next step of our luxury car storage is to give your car a thorough clean, after which covers are placed over the seats, steering wheel and floor. Tyre pressure will be increased to prevent flat spotting, and we’ll also take this opportunity to inspect the engine fluid levels as well as the health of the battery.

To ensure that any flash rust is removed from the brake discs or drums, our specialist will apply the brakes. In order to protect against stale odours and damp, all vehicles are fully air-dried for 24 hours prior to storage. As part of our classic car storage services, we always ensure that any potential leakages are monitored by placing a drip tray under the car. Plus, an automatic CTEK battery conditioner is connected to the battery at all times.

Finally, a soft and breathable cover is used to protect your car while it is being stored. At Bramshaw Car Storage, we acknowledge the trust that you place in our car storage. For this reason, you will always be kept up-to-date with photographic evidence supplied for your peace of mind.



luxury car storageOnce we have prepared your prepared your vehicle, the next step of our classic car storage services begins. Within our large and spacious loading, there is ample room to store many vehicles at once without any risk of damage being incurred. To keep your car in tip-top condition, our loading bays are kept heated and dehumidified and are monitored around-the-clock.

Full inspections are conducted on a regular basis. Once a week, our team will inspect the drip trays of all vehicles in storage as well as the status of all battery chargers. If you require our car storage for longer than a week, we will ensure that all fluid levels and pressures are checked every 60 days. To keep the engine in optimal condition, it will be started and allowed to reach temperature.

Should any defects be noted by a member of our team, we will inform you immediately so that you can decide as to how you wish to proceed.


Departure Procedure

When we tell you that we take care of your car from start-to-finish; we mean it! Our structured luxury car storage departure protocol is designed to ensure that nothing is missed. This means that when you come to collect your vehicle, you can expect no nasty surprises. At Bramshaw Car Storage, we perform a range of checks including:

  • Battery, horn, radio and lights check
  • Check and replenish fluid levels
  • Ensure correct tyre pressure
  • MOT and tax validity check
  • Interior and exterior cleaning and much more


Why should you choose Bramshaw Car Storage?

luxury car storageLet’s face it, if you’re anything like us you likely shudder at the thought of anyone else being responsible for your classic car. Of course, it’s that sense of empathy that makes us, arguably, the best choice for classic car storage services. Each member of our team has a passion for vintage motors that is second-to-none. As we can relate to your concerns, you can rest assured that we will always treat your vehicle as if it were our own.

Here at Bramshaw Car Storage, we have more than 40 years of experience in providing expert services to keep cars in impeccable condition and full running order. Whether you’re a collector, investor or simply have a love for owning classic motors, we think you’ll agree that no other company is more qualified than us.

Regardless of marque, model or age, you can expect the same level of care and attention from our experienced and dedicated team. So, for the finest car storage and aftercare services, look no further than Bramshaw Car Storage.



Call us today on 01725 518221 and discover the very best luxury car storage.