Long Term Car Storage Winchester

Are you looking for long term car storage Winchester? If so, consider your search over now that you’ve discovered Bramshaw Car Storage. Boasting cutting-edge facilities, our experienced and professional team are here to provide you with exemplary service. Protect your pride and joy today by calling 01725 518221 and see how we can help.



Companies that provide car storage are not exactly a new thing. In fact, Bramshaw Car Storage has been around for many years. We are located on the edge of the New Forest near Fordingbridge. In that time, we have catered to the needs of thousands of vehicle owners by providing the most reliable long term car storage Winchester can offer. Whether you’re planning a trip or just lack the space at home, it’s always a comfort to have somewhere safe to store your car.Long Term Car Storage Winchester

Every vehicle that we store goes through lengthy pre-storage preparation. This ensures that your car remains in tip-top condition from start-to-finish. Our Winchester long term car storage team will usually start by documenting the vehicle, creating a work order and giving the car a good clean inside and out. To help spot any potential issues, we check fluid levels, increase the tyre pressure, apply the brakes and place a drip tray under the car.

Before placing covers over the drivers’ seat, steering wheel, floor and the car itself, we hook up an Automatic CTEK Battery Conditioner, which will remain connected at all times. Once your vehicle is prepared, logged and stored, it will be left in one of our large, heated storage bays. These bays boast a dehumidified environment and are monitored and regulated 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Car Storage Maintenance

As the best choice for long term car storage Winchester has to offer, we make certain that the health of your vehicle is preserved throughout. Even sat in our storage bay, a car can deteriorate with time. To prevent this, we carry out routine inspections at least twice a day, and once a week we record the battery charger status of each vehicle and inspect the drip trays.

Once a month our team will check fluids and tyre pressures and start the engine so that it has a chance to reach its running temperature. This will ensure that everything works as it should and allow us to identify and rectify any possible defects. Should any defects be found, our Winchester long term car storage team will contact you immediately.


Departure Protocol

When it comes time to collect your vehicle, you’ll be pleased to know that our team follows a strict departure protocol. This protocol ensures that your car is returned to you in the same condition that it was in when you left it with us. As the finest choice for long term car storage Winchester has to offer, we settle for nothing less than immaculate. All vehicles must pass an extensive checklist which includes:

  • MOT and Tax Validity Check
  • Fluid Levels (check and replenish)
  • Tyre Pressure (set to appropriate levels)
  • Battery, Lights, Horn and Radio Check
  • Interior and Exterior Clean
  • Quality Check

Price wise, our long term car storage in Winchester is available starting at just £140 (plus VAT) per month. If you would like to discuss your car storage options in more detail, make sure you give Bramshaw Car Storage a call today on 01725 518221.


Why Choose Us for Long Term Car Storage Winchester Can Rely On?

With more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, Bramshaw Car Storage have amassed a stellar reputation for long term car storage in Winchester. If you’re concerned about keeping your car in impeccable condition, you can rest easy knowing that our skilled team are passionate about what they do. We can accommodate classic, sport and prestige vehicles as well as cars of any age.

Perhaps you’re taking a trip, or maybe you simply lack the necessary space to store the vehicle on your own property. Whatever your reasons, you can be certain that your car is in safe and capable hands with long term car storage Winchester can depend on. What’s more is that you will always have easy access to your vehicle.

Let us take care of keeping your car in excellent shape, all you need to worry about is when you next want to take it out for a spin. From collectors to investors and passionate car owners, Winchester, long term car storage is just a phone call away. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t leave your pride and joy to waste away in some garage, get in touch with Bramshaw Car Storage instead and see how we can help.



Call 01725 518221 today and see what makes us the best choice for long term car storage Winchester has experienced.