Long-Term Car Storage UK

Are you looking for a place to store your classic or luxury vehicle for an extended time? Call Bramshaw Car Storage today on 01725518221 and speak to one of our friendly staff. We’ve got the highest quality UK long-term car storage available at unbeatable prices. We know that vehicles can be the pride and joy of collectors and private owners, so we take care of your vehicle like it was our own.



At Bramshaw Car Storage, we take pride in making sure your vehicle is returned in equal or better condition than when it arrived. Our storage facilities are top of the line, and we have practices and procedures to match. We are located on the edge of the New Forest near Fordingbridge.

It’s small wonder we’ve become renowned for our exceptional service, which has given rise to collectors, both private and business, exotic car owners, classic car owners and more using our service. They know when their vehicle is dropped off at our long-term car storage UK branches, it’s safe, secure and cared for with diligence.

Upon arriving, the vehicle is put through our 12-step pre-storage preparation. This includes:

  1. Photographs of your car taken and recordedLong term car storage uk
  2. Assigning a unique ID and tagging keys
  3. Washing, drying and vacuuming
  4. Seat, steering wheel and floor covers placed
  5. Engine fluid level checks
  6. Tyre pressure increase to prevent flat spotting

After these six steps are completed, step seven sees your vehicle is air-dried for 24 hours prior to its long-term car storage UK. Step eight is the application of the vehicle’s brakes to remove flash rust from the discs. A drip tray is placed under the vehicle when it’s positioned for storage, and that completes step nine. Step ten is to ensure your car’s battery health is maintained, and for this, we use an Automatic CTEK battery conditioner. The conditioner is connected at all times. Steps 11 and 12 and the application of a breathable cover over your vehicle and photographic evidence being sent to you, confirming we’ve completed the previous steps.

Long-term car storage UK is a something we take seriously here at Bramshaw Car Storage. Our professional and trained staff always strive to exceed expectations, not just meet them. We take care of many different vehicles, from aged classics to post-modern exotics. Our passion for classic, prestige, sport, racing and rare vehicles has allowed us to excel in our profession; long-term car storage UK.


Other locations

Long-term Car Storage in Winchester

Our storage facility here is available, and our staff are always enthusiastic to see what will come rolling up to our doors. While your vehicle isn’t in use, it will be kept in impeccable condition. So come to Bramshaw Car Storage for long-term car storage in Winchester.


Long-term Car storage in Southampton

During its time with us, you’ll have easy and convenient access to your vehicle, whenever you need it. Long-term car storage in Southampton is popular. Think about your car and you make the right choice; Bramshaw Car Storage.


Long-term Car Storage in Poole

The Quay in Poole is a hotspot for classic cars to line up and show off their beauty and elegance. Long-term car storage in Poole is sought after thanks to the quay and its visitors. Bramshaw Car Storage provides a high-quality and convenient service.


Long-term Car Storage in Bournemouth

Everyone knows that Bournemouth plays host to vast car shows. The sea-front is swarming with beautiful cars of all shapes and styles, especially in summer. During the summer months, it’s vital to use Bramshaw Car Storage for long-term car storage in Bournemouth to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape for all the shows.


Why Choose Us

Just because a vehicle is not in use, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need maintenance or looking after. Bramshaw Car Storage is a market leader in long-term car storage UK, and for good reason. Our team are highly motivated to provide a unique experience and excelling in all areas. We have over 40-years’ experience, and our UK long-term car storage services are utilised by executive clients and protective owners alike.

We provide not only storage facilities, but restoration, servicing, MOTs and more. Our trained mechanics and technicians are able to take care of your vehicle from top to bottom. Our aftercare services also include:

  • Valeting
  • Detailing; protective, enhancement, corrective or engine bay
  • Wheel Arch and Suspension Deep Clean
  • Interior Deep Clean
  • Transporting and Shipping; driven, enclosed, sea freight and air freight

We offer the most comprehensive and finest long-term car storage UK.


Contact Us

Call our friendly customer services team on 01725518221 today for a quote and answers to any questions you might have. Alternatively, you can email at sales@bramshawbv.com, or use our online form to contact us. For the best long-term car storage UK, contact Bramshaw Car Storage.