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Are you looking for safe, secure and convenient long term car storage Hampshire? Call Bramshaw Car Storage today on 01725 518 221 for the best Hampshire long term car storage available. We are highly dedicated and experienced professionals, and provide unbeatable services at very competitive prices. Contact us today to find out more.


Our long term car storage in Hampshire facilities are perfect for all of our car’s needs. Your vehicle will be in the best possible hands when you deliver it to us, and we’ll make sure your car is returned to you in the same or better condition than when it arrived. We’re used to handling all sorts of makes and models, from classics to hypercars. Bramshaw Car Storage is located on the edge of the New Forest near Fordingbridge.

Our team are qualified and experienced in all areas of car care, and that puts us at the forefront of Hampshire long term car storage. We employ a unique and stringent procedure to ensure your vehicle is kept perfectly preserved, and no damage or imperfections befall it in our care. Before your vehicle is transferred into the long term car storage in Hampshire warehouse, it will go through a detailed and comprehensive pre-storage preparation system unique to Bramshaw Car Storage.

long term car storage hampshire

Pre-Storage Preparation

Our system for pre-storage checks will ensure your vehicle won’t receive any detrimental side-effects from long term car storage Hampshire. The first step is to take pictures of the vehicle, from all angles, to have an accurate and detailed record of the condition the vehicle arrived in. The photos are stored securely. Your vehicle is assigned a unique ID with any keys tagged and recorded.

The next step to make sure your vehicle is ready for long term car storage in Hampshire is a thorough wash, dry, and vacuum. This will make your car nice and shiny so that any dirt, grime, oils and such don’t damage the car via corrosion during its stay at our Hampshire long term car storage. With the addition of driver’s seat, steering wheel and floor covers, the vehicle moves on to the next step.

The engine fluid levels are important in that we make sure they’re up to the correct levels, which keeps the engine healthy and running smoothly. We’ll also check the battery health, so that it won’t drain or fail to operate after the long term car storage Hampshire. Next, the tyres are slightly over-inflated. While this isn’t recommended for driving the vehicle, while the vehicle is stationary, it helps to prevent flat-spotting, and thus increase the longevity of your tyres.

Steps seven, eight and nine see the car air-dried for 24 hours, to expel any lingering moisture that could cause mould and other damage. A stern application of the brakes sees any flash rust on the brake discs removed to stop propagation. When the car is settled into place, a drip tray is placed underneath, allowing us to monitor for fluid leaks, and stops the long term car storage Hampshire facility from being covered in chemicals that could damage tyres and be hazardous.

Ten and eleven are the application of a CTEK battery conditioner, which is active and connected at all times to preserve the charge and health of the battery during its period of inactivity. A soft, breathable cover is placed over the vehicle to isolate the vehicle from dust build up and moisture penetration.

The last step is ongoing and consists of photographic evidence of all the previous steps being completed and if required, further photographs and updates about your vehicle as you require them. This will instil peace of mind with you, so that you can carry on your day-to-day routine and not worry about the well-being of your precious vehicle, and know it’s in the best possible long term car storage Hampshire has to offer.

After Care Services

While your vehicle is with us, we are fully qualified and experienced in all manner of car care procedures. If you’d like to have a complete service and MOT (Ministry Of Transport) test, we’re happy to facilitate. All your motoring needs can be taken care of while your vehicle is with us for long term car storage in Hampshire.

We also offer valeting and detailing services, which will serve to get your vehicle up to a showroom level of appearance. On top of complete valeting services the various detailing options are.

  • Protection Detail
  • Enhancement Detail
  • Correction Detail
  • Wheel Arch and Suspension Deep Clean
  • Interior Deep Clean
  • Engine Bay Detail

If you’d like a bespoke valeting and detailing service, simply advise us on which options you’d like carried out, and we’ll enthusiastically ensure they’re completed to the highest standards. This allows you to customise the service you receive in a vast array of combinations. No matter what your requirements are, we use our expertise and choices available to meet and exceed them.

ong term car storage hampshire

Long Term Car Storage in Hampshire – But Why Us?

At Bramshaw Car Storage, we’re dedicated to providing a service that won’t be matched in the industry. Our level of service, range of options, and attention to detail gives you the confidence your vehicle is being left in the right hands. All of our team members are fully qualified in all areas of their roles, making sure they only deliver the highest standards.

We’re a family run business and have been for over 40 years, which means we bring a personalised element to our customer that we’re sure you’ll appreciate. Our practices and ethics assure premium quality care and attention is given to your vehicle at all times. All of our options are available at very competitive prices as well.

When you’re ready to have your vehicle back from our vehicle storage Hampshire, there are multiple options for reacquisition. You are welcome to pay us a visit and collect the vehicle, or we have multiple delivery methods available. The first is a driver service, which will have one of our professional driver’s carefully deliver your vehicle back to you. The other option is enclosed road transport, and your car will be loaded onto a lorry within a protective container.

We also have international shipping and transport facilities, either by sea or air freight. Sea freight is a more price conscious option, but for those looking to get moving as soon as possible, then air freight is definitely the option for you. Our staff are always happy to provide more in-depth information, so just let us know if you’re considering transport options.

Contact Us

To arrange your perfect long term car storage in Hampshire, call us today on 01725 518 221. We’ll take you through the options you’re curious about, and help you build your ideal bespoke care and aftercare package.

Alternatively, you can contact us about car storage Hampshire using our simple online form to submit an enquiry or email us at sales@bramshawbv.com – We’ll endeavour to reply swiftly and give you all the information you’re seeking. Cars are precious, don’t risk yours anywhere else – Bramshaw Car Storage will ensure your vehicle is kept pristine, no matter the make, model, age or value.