Hampshire Car Storage

For the most trustworthy Hampshire car storage that will leave your prized possession in the most capable of hands while you are away, get in touch with Bramshaw Car Storage today on 01725 518 221. Our passionate team will take amazing care of your vehicle and return it to you in top condition each and every time.



Hampshire Car Storage

When it comes to the finest car storage Hampshire has ever had available, Bramshaw Car Storage is second to none. We are located on the edge of the New Forest near Fordingbridge for delivering the highest quality service at all times. Our team doesn’t just want to meet each client’s expectations but to always exceed them.

Here at Bramshaw Car Storage in Hampshire, we don’t really consider what we do to be work. This is because each and every team member has a great passion for all types of vehicles and consider themselves lucky to be able to call their favourite interest a career.

Regardless of whether you are driving a classic car, a smaller city vehicle or an especially rare marque, we will take the utmost care while it is with us. We like all makes and models and have a dedicated system in place for car care that is not paralleled by any of our competitors who might be offering otherwise similar Hampshire car storage services.

Please visit our website for a full Hampshire car storage overview and you will be able to see what a truly comprehensive service we offer. We have developed our own 12-step process that we also carry out fully prior to storing any vehicle at our premises.


Quality Car Storage Hampshire

Why choose us? Because we will always go that extra mile when it comes to car storage in Hampshire. After we have finished our highly involved pre-storage process, your vehicle will be placed into one of our generously sized loading bays that is heated, dehumidified as well as monitored and regulated around the clock – 24 hours a day without fail.

Each and every loading bay is inspected twice a day to make sure that everything is in tip top shape. The battery charger status of every vehicle in our Hampshire car storage is checked once every 7 days. We also consistently check the drip tray for any potential loss of fluid.

All fluids and pressures are checked by a team member every 60 days. Additionally, we will start the engine and run the car up to temperature. Should we discover any defects during this testing process, you will be immediately notified by a Bramshaw Car Storage Hampshire team member who will also be able to suggest the most appropriate way of efficiently fixing the issue.

Before you pick your vehicle up from our Hampshire car storage, it has to pass our departure checklist because we will accept nothing short of excellence. Our extensive pre-release process includes all of the following:

  • A Tax Validity Check
  • An MOT Check
  • Fluid Levels Check
  • Interior and Exterior Finished to a Gleaming Standard
  • Lights, Battery, Horn and Radio Checks
  • Tyre Pressure Check and Setting to Appropriate Level


Contact our Hampshire car storage team today

There are several ways that you can contact our Hampshire car storage experts to make your booking. To speak to a friendly member of our customer services team right away, just give us a call on 01725 518 221. You can also get in touch via e-mail using sales@bramshawbv.com or by filling out the simple booking form on our website with some basic details – we will get back to you as soon as possible using your preferred method of contact.