Classic Car Storage Waterlooville

Are looking for somewhere safe to store your prized car? Look no further than Bramshaw Car Storage, the best place for classic car storage Waterlooville customers can get. With many luxury services in place to help take proper care of your car, we are the obvious choice for vehicle storage. For more information give us a call today on 01725 518 221 or send us an email at


Here at Bramshaw Car Storage, we boast over forty years of experience in the handling of premium cars. We are located on the edge of the New Forest Near Fordingbridge. Thanks to our knowledge in the field, we are confident in saying that we offer the best classic car storage Waterlooville customers can get. Our expertise is second to none as we understand the importance of having your car looked after properly.

All of our staff are passionate about their work, and this is reflected in the exceptional job they do on every vehicle. Our team are enthusiastic about cars, whether they be classic or sports, and, as a result, they treat each vehicle as if it were their own. It is thanks to their continued commitment that we can provide the best classic car storage in Waterlooville.

It is of critical importance here at Bramshaw Car Storage that we always aim to surpass customers’ expectations when it comes to classic car storage. Waterlooville customers can expect our staff to be patient and courteous as well as being available to offer useful advice. We are striving to be the number one choice for people to store their cars in the whole of Hampshire, and are continuously looking to expand that goal.

Safe and Secure Waterlooville Classic Car Storage

As part of our classic car storage in Waterlooville, we also offer a comprehensive pre-storage preparation procedure to ensure that your car is stored in the best possible condition. This process starts with us taking photographs of your car and assigning it with a unique ID number. We then go on to wash and cover your vehicle before putting in place precautions with which we monitor its status in storage.

While your cars are in storage with us, we monitor them very carefully to ensure that no damage occurs. This monitoring includes placing a drip tray under your car to track any leakages as well as connecting it to an automatic CTEK battery conditioner. It is because of this extreme care with which we handle our customers’ property that we are considered by many to offer the best Waterlooville classic car storage.

As well as our classic car storage, Waterlooville customers are also entitled to many of our aftercare services. These include:

  • Car Servicing and MOTs
  • Valeting and Detailing
  • Transport and Shipping
  • Acquisitions and Sales
  • And More!
Classic Car Storage Waterlooville

Classic Car Storage Waterlooville Customers Need To See

We have handled classic cars for many years, which has included the acquisition and selling of many of them. As such, we are more than accustomed to dealing with vintage vehicles and can share with customers our extensive knowledge of how to care for them. This advice is on top of the already stellar Waterlooville classic car storage we provide.

Our combination of vehicle knowledge, outstanding customer service, careful attention to detail and pristine storage conditions all make us an excellent choice for classic car storage. Waterlooville won’t find a storage facility that puts as much care and enthusiasm into their work as we do here at Bramshaw Car Storage.

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So if you believe Bramshaw Car Storage offers the right type of service for you, get in touch now. We’re proud to bring customers the best classic car storage Waterlooville has available. Give us a call on 01725 518 221 or send us an email at and a member of our friendly team will happily speak to you today.