Car Storage Sherborne

Are you a car owner looking for expert storage? If so, look no further than Bramshaw Car Storage. We have over 40 years’ experience in providing a service that exceeds clients’ expectations. When it comes to car storage, Sherborne clients can rest assured that their vehicle is in great hands. With prices starting from £140 + VAT, give us a call today on 01725518221



At Bramshaw Car Storage, we strive to deliver the highest quality of service that our clients can rely on. We have over 40 years’ experience in the industry, giving our team the knowledge and experience to deliver expert service.

For car owners in Sherborne, car storage with us is delivered with a genuine passion for all cars. Being a family run business, we ensure that the service you receive is unparalleled. Our expert team are available to advise you through every step of the car storage process. Bramshaw Car Storage is located on the edge of the New Forest Near Fordingbridge.


Car Storage Overview

When it comes to car storage, Sherborne clients can rest assured knowing that we do everything to ensure your car receives the best care. Our service provides pre-storage preparation, car maintenance, and departure protocols to ensure your car is ready to go when you need it.


Pre-Storage Preparation

There is a comprehensive process we undertake before any car is stored in our loading bay. This prepares your car for storage and ensures it returns to you in perfect condition. The pre-storage preparation is extensive and includes some of the following services:car storage sherborne

  • Photographs of your car are taken and stored
  • We assign a unique ID, tag keys and create a record to document work carried out
  • We check engine fluid levels and battery health
  • The car is connected to an Automatic CTEK battery conditioner and more

When it comes to expert car storage in Sherborne, these are just some of the services you’ll receive before we even store your car.


Car Storage Maintenance

Once we have ensured your car is ready for storage, it will be placed into our loading bay. All our bays are in a heated and dehumidified environment which is regulated and monitored 24/7. To ensure the environment remains optimal for car storage, Sherborne clients can rest assured in the knowledge that we fully inspect our loading bays every day.

Every seven days we record the battery charger status of every car stored with us. We also inspect the drip tray for any fluids leaks. Every sixty days the fluids and pressures are checked and we start the engine to run the vehicle up to temperature. If we discover any defects, we will let you know immediately and advise you on the best course of action. For clients in Sherborne, car storage with us provides the best service with our maintenance protocols.


Departure Protocol

We know that you won’t settle for anything less than perfect when it comes to car storage. Sherborne clients know that when your car is returned to you, it first has to pass our extensive departure checklist. This checklist includes

  • MOT and tax validity check
  • Fluid levels check and replenish
  • Tyre pressure set to the required level
  • Battery, lights, horn and radio check

Our team also undertakes a quality check to make sure we are maintaining the high standards our clients expect.


Why Choose Us for Car Storage in Sherborne?

At Bramshaw Car Storage, we are determined to provide the highest quality of service. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, we believe our car storage Sherborne clients will have their expectations exceeded with us. We draw upon our years of experience, and the knowledge we’ve built up, to ensure our service is the best it can be.

We are a family run business that has a genuine passion for prestige, classic, sport, and everyday cars. We believe this makes us the obvious choice for potential clients in Sherborne. Car storage, for us, isn’t a chore. It’s a job we truly love and this reflects in our service.



Your vehicle will be in the most capable hands at Bramshaw Car Storage. For the best car storage Sherborne residents will find, give us a call on 01725518221.