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Want a place to store your pride and joy? Then choose our car storage Hampshire option today. With years of experience in the industry, we are the first choice for many car owners that want the best possible service for their car. Don’t let your car rust away in a parking lot that doesn’t offer the care your vehicle deserves.


Knowing the process before choosing a car storage Hampshire company is vital for your pride and joy. At Bramshaw Car Storage, we are more than happy to inform our customers of our aftercare services that ensures that your car is stored and returned to you in the condition it was handed in. We start always from photographs of your car which will then be recorded.

Bramshaw Car Storage is located on the edge of the New Forest Near Fordingbridge. As well as this, we then move on to checking the fluid levels in your engine and the overall health of your vehicle to ensure it receives the best possible Hampshire car storage service. The team will then position a drip tray under your car so that we can monitor any potential fluid leakage during storage. Every single car stored in our facilities receive a unique ID from which we create a unique document to record all works.

All keys handed over will be tagged by our car storage in Hampshire company. We will also increase the pressure of your tyres to stop flat spotting. Do not worry, our team will do this in accordance to storage levels. All cars will then be carefully washed then dried and vacuumed before being dried for a 24 hour period.

Afterwards, the car will be entered into our car storage Hampshire places. The team will then connect your car to an Automatic CTEK battery conditioner should this be required. Covers will then be placed onto the floor, steering wheel and your driver’s seat. The team will apply the brakes so that any rust accumulated during the wash is cleared. Last but not least, a breathable and soft cover will be placed on the entirety of your car.

Photographic evidence will be taken after every stage has been completed for your peace of mind and our records. Services discussed in this article may incur an extra charge and will not mean they are included in the overall car storage in Hampshire price. We advise all clients to call our team today for a full breakdown of our services, prices start from just £140 a month.

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About our car storage in Hampshire facilities

All Hampshire car storage facilities are located in a dehumidified and heated environment which will be regulated and monitored on a 24/7 basis. All of our loading bays are inspected twice daily for the security of your vehicle. We inspect the fluid loss drip trays and then we look at the battery charger status of your vehicles.

Then for every two months that your cars are with our company, we will check the pressure and fluid levels of your cars. Our car storage Hampshire team will then start up the engine and bring the vehicle up to the temperature. Should we find any potential defects, we will then get in touch and provide you with an array of solutions.


When you decide to take your car from our team, we will do our best to make sure that the departure process is a smooth and easy process. There will be the following:

  • Car Storage HampshireMOT check
  • Tax validity check
  • Check of fluid levels and replenish it as necessary
  • Adjust tyre pressure
  • Check the battery, lights, horn and the radio
  • Ensure that interiors and exteriors are finished to the highest standard
  • An overall check of the car

Why choose Bramshaw Car Storage

We carry out full inspections of our loading bays at least twice a day. Every seven days, we record the battery charger status of each vehicle and inspect the drip tray for any potential fluid loss. Over the last 40 years, we have been the first port of call for customers across the city. As a result, you can trust in our company to deliver an excellent service.

It does not matter what type of car you have as we have experience with everyday cars right through to classic, prestige and sports models. If you are not sure whether we have the skills to maintain your vehicle to the standard expected, give our team a call and we will be more than happy to provide further advice. As a family-run business, we take our job seriously but use our passion to deliver a service that is second to none.

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