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When it comes to car storage Dorset, the most passionate team offering this service is definitely Bramshaw Car Storage. We are a family operated business with many years of valuable experience. Our customer service approach is like no other – you can rest assured that your vehicle will be in highly capable hands when you choose Bramshaw. Call us today on 01725 518 221 and we’ll talk you through our full range of prices and services.

Our car storage service near Southampton

Here at Bramshaw Car Storage, we always go that extra mile to guarantee that your car receives the best care possible. We are located on the edge of the New Forest Near Fordingbridge. We are happy to offer a fully comprehensive service that will not be beaten by any other companies offering car storage Dorset services. This includes preparation prior to storing the vehicle, carrying out maintenance work throughout the time your car is with us as well as making sure it is ready to go as soon as you arrive.

The induction process at Bramshaw Car Storage in Dorset is comprehensive. This is carried out prior to stowing away your vehicle and consists of a number of steps. We will:

  • take photographs of your car
  • assign your vehicle a unique ID and create a record of it in our system
  • wash, dry and vacuum your car
  • cover the driver’s seat, wheel and floor
  • check the engine fluid and battery health
  • increase tyre pressure if required
  • air dry the vehicle for 24 hours prior to storage
  • apply the brakes to remove any rust that may have appeared
  • position a drip tray underneath your vehicle to monitor potential leaks
  • connect it to an automatic CTEK battery
  • place a breathable cover over your car
  • keep you updated with evidence after each stage has been completed


A full inspection is carried out on each and every vehicle at least twice a day. Once a week, we will also check the battery charger status and inspect the drip for fluid loss. The fluids and pressures will be checked once every 60 days. If any issues have arisen, we will notify you immediately and advise of the next course of action as part of our Dorset car storage overview service.

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In case you are contemplating why choose us, let us give you a few reasons. We have been in the car storage Dorset business for more than 40 years which means that our wealth of expertise and industry knowledge cannot be paralleled.

Regardless of which type of vehicle you drive, Bramshaw Car Storage Dorset has likely had experience with it before. Our team has a genuine passion for all cars including classic, sports, everyday and prestige ones. We consider ourselves lucky to be able to come to work each day and work with what we love the most.

Before your vehicle leaves our car storage Dorset premises, it has to pass our extensive departure protocol with full marks. Our checklist consists of all of the following steps to ensure everything is working to optimal levels:

  • car storage dorsetAn MOT and tax validity check
  • A fluid levels check and replenishment if required
  • A tyre pressure check and setting to appropriate levels if required
  • A battery, lights, horn and radio check
  • An interior and exterior check to make sure the finish is to a gleaming standard
  • A general quality check to make sure that we are consistently maintaining our high standards


Once your vehicle has left our car storage in Dorset, you might be interested in some of the aftercare services we offer. Please visit our website for some more information on everything we can do for your vehicle after you’ve picked it up.

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If you are ready to get in touch with Bramshaw Car Storage in Dorset, then do not hesitate – there are several ways to contact us. To speak to a team member right away, just give us a call on 01725 518 221. You can also send your enquiry via e-mail to or fill out the form on our website – we will respond to you as soon as possible.