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Are you going on a trip and need somewhere to store your car? Have you been searching through car storage Brockenhurst offers, trying to find the most trustworthy? If you have, look no further than Bramshaw Car Storage. We aim to deliver the highest standard of vehicle storage, so call us today on 01725 518 221 to find out more.


Here at Bramshaw Car Storage, we go to every length to ensure your car receives the very best care. We are located on the Edge of the New Forest Near Fordingbridge. To this end, we provide pre-storage preparation, carry out essential maintenance work throughout the storage term, and make sure it is ready to go upon pick-up. You can find out more about our services for car storage, Brockenhurst below.

Pre-Storage Preparation

Before we stow away any vehicle, we carry out a comprehensive induction process to prepare your car for storage. We start this process by taking photographs of your car to record the condition it is in upon arrival. Car Storage BrockenhurstAfter this, we assign your car a unique ID, tag any keys, and create a record in which to document any work.

Your car is then washed, dried and vacuumed with covers then placed over the driver’s seat, steering wheel and floor. We then check the engine fluid levels and battery health, which is just the start of our preparation for car storage. Brockenhurst drivers can then expect us to increase tyre pressure to the appropriate storage level to prevent flat spotting. Your car is then air-dried for 24 hours prior to storage.

We apply the brakes to remove any wash flash rust that may have appeared on the brake discs or drums, then place a drip tray under your car. This is so we can monitor any potential fluid leakages. Your car is attached to an Automatic CTEK battery conditioner at all times. To finish, we place a soft, breathable cover over your car and keep you updated with photographic evidence. You will be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive preparation process for car storage in Brockenhurst.

Car Storage Maintenance

Once your car is ready for storage, it is placed into a generously sized loading bay. All the loading bays at Bramshaw Car Storage are located in a heated, dehumidified storage environment. This is monitored and regulated 24/7.

We carry out full inspections of our loading bays at least twice a day. Every seven days, we record the battery charger status of each vehicle and inspect the drip tray.

Every 60 days, the fluids and pressures are checked. As part of our Brockenhurst car storage service, we also start the engine and run the vehicle up to temperature. If any defects are discovered, we will notify you immediately and suggest the best form of remedying the issue.

Departure Protocol

At Bramshaw Car Storage, we know you won’t settle for anything less than immaculate, and neither do we. When your car is returned to you, it has to pass our extensive departure checklist with full marks. This checklist includes:

  • An MOT and Tax Validity Check
  • Fluid Levels Check and Replenish
  • Tyre Pressure Set to Appropriate Level
  • Battery, Lights, Horn, and Radio Check
  • Interior and Exterior Finished to a Gleaming Standard
  • A Quality Check to Make Sure That We Are Constantly Maintaining Our High Standards

When it comes to our car storage, Brockenhurst drivers can trust our team to look after your car as if it were their own.

Why Choose Us for Car Storage Brockenhurst Drivers Can Trust?

Here at Bramshaw Car Storage, we are set on delivering the highest standard of car storage in Brockenhurst. With over 40 years in the business, we draw upon our wealth of experience and expertise to deliver a service to not only meet expectations, but to exceed them.

We are a family run company that has a genuine passion for vehicles of all kinds. As a family run business, we ensure that you experience customer service like no other company for car storage Brockenhurst offers can provide.

Our highly skilled and experience team are there to advise, reassure, and meet all your requirements. You can rest assured that your vehicle is in the most capable hands with Brockenhurst car storage.

To find out more about our car storage, Brockenhurst drivers can reach out via one of the below contact methods.

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Call us today on 01725 518 221 to find out more or book your car in for our car storage. Brockenhurst drivers can also email us at or fill out our simple online form.